This is my favorite hair products right now, enjoy!

1. Wella, beach texture spray. I use it specially for electric hair.
2. REF. The absolute best dry shampoo, and it smells so good!
3. Loréal Paris, volume mousse. Easy to operate for great hair volume.
4. Osis, volume powder for the best effect.
5. Goldwell, mousse for blond hair with silver effect, removing the yellow color.
6. Maria Nila, hair lotion, protects the hair when you for instance straightening the hair.
7. Matrix, awesome hair spray.
8. Maria Nila, volume powder again, it doesn't stick in the hair as much as Osis does.
9. Revlon, conditioner spray. I'm using it when I'm brushing my hair after a shower.
10. Redken, hair oil. I really like the one from Moroccanoil also.
11. Moroccanoil, hydrating hair mask.



Jättecool bild på dig, själv gillar jag det där dust-it pulvret från Oasis.

Hur är det med dig? Hur har det nya året varit hittills?

Svar: åh tack fina du!! ja det är skitbra, lite kladdigt för min smak bara.
Det är fint med mig tack, själv då? Året har varit toppen hittills!
Sandra Ekenstam

2013-01-07 10:11:16

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